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Four Helpful Uses For Adapters

If you've seen Adapters referenced throughout this site and are unsure what they do or why people would need them, you're not alone. At first, they might not seem particularly useful, but if you ever…

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Four Reasons You Should Be Smoking Out Of Glass

At Glassics we made the conscious decision to only carry borosilicate, scientific glass water pipes for several reasons including health, durability, aesthetics and ease of maintenance/cleaning. Othe…

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Glassics Glossary

Here is a general list of some of the common terms we use to describe our products which may confuse some customers. Please note that these definitions are not official by any means but are simply ou…

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Why You Should Be Using Scientific Glass

At Glassics, we specifically focus on providing "scientific" glass water pipes in the form of Bongs, Bubblers & Dab Rigs. Although there are a number of other styles of glass water pipes on the m…

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Dry Bowls & Dabs: The Two Uses Of Glass Water Pipes

While browsing our site you may see the terms "dry" and "concentrate" used to describe the two different ways our water pipes can be used. If you're unsure about what either of these things mean or w…

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