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Six Reasons To Order From An Online Headshop

Six Reasons To Order From An Online Headshop

Posted by GLASSICS on Oct 4th 2020

In our increasingly digital world, consumers are opting to shop online more and more for a number of different reasons. Online purchasing is steadily becoming the new norm as it can be done from anywhere, at anytime of day, offers competitive pricing and gives customers ample time to thoroughly research items before pulling out the credit card. This trend has helped save consumers time, money and headache in just about all retail spaces, with online headshops being no exception.

Online headshops can make some customers feel apprehensive at first. People might assume that buying glass water pipes online is illegal, deceptive or in the very least risky, but in reality none of these are legitimate concerns. In fact, online headshops, such as Glassics, often improve upon all of these areas and more.

#1 Prices

Perhaps the most significant benefit of choosing an online headshop over your local brick and mortar headshop is the competitive pricing. Physical headshops typically only compete with one another for the customers living within a certain distance around them. So depending on where you live, you may only have a couple of headshops to choose from, if any at all. This lack of competition in one locale incentivizes physical headshops to mark up prices on products that you may not be able to find as easily nearby. Online headshops on the other hand are competing with both physical and other online stores which gives them less room to up-charge items and encourages low prices to set them apart from the rest.

Aside from the increased competition in the online market, online headshops also require much less overhead than physical stores. With physical shops, owners need to worry about leasing a commercial space, paying monthly electricity and utility bills and hiring a full staff to be available during store hours which all gets factored in the price of their products. While you may think that having fewer staff means less reliability and customer service, the opposite is actually the case as explained below.

#2 Reliability & Convenience

Online headshops typically offer exceptional customer service and reliability in comparison to physical stores. With local headshops, staff are only available during business hours (when they aren't busy helping other customers) and have wildly varying levels of knowledge and expertise.

At Glassics, we are always open for business and you can submit an inquiry at any time of the day, from anywhere. We'll get back to you within 24 hours (but usually much quicker) and always strive to provide the most current and relevant information. We're also committed to processing and shipping all orders placed before 3PM PST on weekdays (excluding some holidays) the same day and will include free tracking provided by email.

As well as being open to communication at all hours of the day and offering express processing, our online store features a user-focused design which organizes items in an intuitive way. Rather than scanning through cluttered walls of shelves or clicking through pages of unorganized products, you can find exactly what you need in just a few clicks.

#3 No Pushy Salespeople

Online headshops, like Glassics also remove the pressure to purchase something immediately which is what you sometimes find with salespeople in physical stores. Many salespeople can be helpful and informative, but there tends to be an uncomfortable dynamic that develops between themselves and the customers, especially if sales commission is involved. Salespeople often have an increased incentive to upsell you on items with little added function or value simply to meet a quota or to sweeten their next paycheck.

At Glassics, not only do we focus on selling products with tangible, functional value, but you won't get pestered by a pushy salesperson into making an impulse purchase you'll later regret. You have all the time you need to make a decision and to meticulously research our products if need be. Depending on product availability, you can always revisit our site to complete an order that was left open ended.

We also promise not to send you annoying marketing emails or ask you to sign up for anything when checking out. The only emails we will send you are to confirm orders, provide tracking numbers and to correspond about other inquires. If you would like to keep up on Glassics news, you can visit the rest of our Blog or follow us on social media.

#4 Detailed Product Descriptions & Blog

With physical headshops you don't have nearly the amount of informational resources as with an online headshop. Unless you know exactly what you're looking for and are well-versed in scientific glass, you're limited to the knowledge and expertise of whichever staff member is working that particular shift. There may be little to no information about certain products in a local headshop and with little consistency between salespeople.

At Glassics, all of our individual products feature clear, detailed explanations laying out all of their design features and functions. These descriptions include suggestions for who our products would be best suited for as well as several links to FAQs and blog posts (such as this one) which elaborate on specific topics relevant to that item. Alongside each product description is a specifications table offering a comprehensive list of notable design features such as dimensions, weight, and even ideal water volume.

Each product page also contains a collection of large, high resolution images and video of each product showing various perspectives, orientations and demonstrating percolator functions. These images and video give users a better sense of the size and scale of our products while also providing suggestions for various configurations and uses.

#5 Discreet Shipping & Processing

For those who like a little more privacy when shopping for smoking pipes and accessories, online headshops are also the ideal choice. Physical stores require you to go inside, discuss your interest publicly with a salesperson and walk out with your obvious purchase in hand, all the while potentially crossing paths with people you may know.

Online headshops such as Glassics remove all of the public exposure of buying a water pipe. You simply visit our site from the privacy of your own home, place your order, and a discreet, unmarked brown box will show up at your door 1-3 days later on average. Paypal transactions may appear with the name of our business but will never include details such as "pipe", "headshop" or "smoking".

#6 Above Board & Legitimate

Legally speaking, online headshops tend to be more cautious in their operations than physical headshops when considering local, federal and internet laws which could potentially get them into trouble. Having an online presence exposes shops to many more customers from all regions of the country opening them up to more potential legal issues. With Glassics, as long as you are an adult of legal smoking age in your state and agree to only use our products for legal herbs and concentrated oils, you're in the clear.

If you're still not convinced or have unanswered questions about why you should order from an online headshop, please shoot us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.