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How To Use Carb Caps For Low Temp Dabs

How To Use Carb Caps For Low Temp Dabs

Posted by GLASSICS on Oct 4th 2020

If you've ever heard of Carb Caps or performing "low temp" dabs but weren't too sure what these terms mean, then you're in the right place. Here we will describe how these tools work, what their benefits are and an alternative method for Dome & Nail setups, which should give you a much better understanding of this "flavor saving" technique.

Carb Caps

If you're someone who uses a Domeless Nail for their Dab Rig or are considering buying one in the near future, Carb Caps can be an amazing addition due to their affordability and noticeable taste benefits. They way they work is fairly simple.

Step 1: Heat your nail as you normally would, but let it cool an extra 10-20 seconds longer than when not using a carb cap.

Step 2: Once at the desired temperature, apply your concentrate using a dabber then quickly fit the mouth of the Carb Cap over the top of the Domeless Nail, encasing the oil.

Step 3: Inhale the hit as you normally would while keeping the Carb Cap attached and notice the enhanced flavor characteristics of your concentrates.

Tip: If your Carb Cap has a single intake hole on one side of the cap, you can spin/rotate it while affixed to the nail in order to encourage more even heat distribution and to agitate the heated concentrate.

Low Temperature

By covering the exposed top of a Domeless Nail with a Carb Cap, you seal the concentrate inside and restrict the airflow. This effectively lowers the temperature required to vaporize the dab and prevents as many delicate flavor molecules from being destroyed in the process. Think of it as creating more of an indirect heating effect (such as a conventional oven) rather than a direct heating effect (such as a skillet).

As concentrate producers continue to improve their craft and provide more flavorful oils, it becomes equally important for consumers to upgrade vaporizing techniques to fully enjoy these unique profiles and characteristics.

Capping Dome & Nail Setups

For those of you who prefer Dome & Nail concentrate setups but still want to enjoy the same low temp benefit, the solution is just as easy.

Step 1: Heat your nail as you normally would but let it cool an extra 5-10 seconds before covering it with the glass dome.

Step 2: Apply the concentrate to the top of the heated nail with a dabber.

Step 3: Using any sort of heat-resistant object (metal coin, small glass jar, etc.) cover the top of the dome almost completely to restrict airflow.

Always use caution when applying these techniques as nails can be extremely hot and should always be handled with care.

If you have any other questions regarding these two styles of concentrate nail setups or would like to see something added, please let us know at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.