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How To Convert Glass Between "Dry" & "Dab" Purposes

How To Convert Glass Between "Dry" & "Dab" Purposes

Posted by GLASSICS on Oct 4th 2020

This post is for anyone considering converting their "dry" Bong or Bubbler to a "concentrate" Dab Rig, or vice versa, and would like to know the two easiest ways of accomplishing this. If you're unfamiliar with the dry and concentrate distinction, you may want to first visit our other Blog Post, "Four Differences Between Domes With Nails & Domeless Nails", detailing the differences between these two uses. As a brief reminder, dry water pipes are those that are used with dried herbs and traditionally utilize a female glass fitting whereas Dab Rigs are those that are used with concentrated essential oils and utilize a male glass fitting.

It's always a good idea to keep these two uses separate and to avoid mixing them in one water pipe. The main reason for this is because concentrate Rigs focus more on preserving unique flavor characteristics of different oils, whereas dry pieces tend to make every hit taste the same after the first few uses. So if you really want to appreciate what your dabs have to offer, it's important to either have a dedicated Dab Rig or to thoroughly clean water pipes before switching their us.


The most common way that users convert water pipes back and forth between dry and concentrate uses is by employing Adapters. These handy and affordable little tools are primarily made to convert between different sizes and genders of glass fittings which makes them perfect for this purpose.

For instance if you have a 14mm Bubbler and would like it to fit a traditional/female 14mm Quartz Banger, you'll want to utilize a 14mm Male to 14mm Male Adapter which will bridge these two pieces. Inversely if you have an 18mm Dab Rig and would like to use a traditional/male 18mm Bowl Piece, you'll want to grab an 18mm Female to 18mm Female Adapter. These extra pieces can add some significant height to your Bowl or Nail which should be considered when going this route as well.

If you would like to know more about Adapters and their other uses, please visit our Blog Post, "Four Helpful Uses For Adapters".

Nontraditional Bowls & Nails

If Adapters don't really appeal to you or your piece is too small to use one practically, you'll want to consider using nontraditional Bowl Pieces and Domeless Nails. As we mentioned before, almost all Bowl Pieces are made with male fittings and almost all Concentrate Nails are made with female fittings. But there is a small percentage of outliers which we consider nontraditional or "reverse" Bowl Pieces and Concentrate Nails.

We currently offer three sizes (10mm, 14mm & 18mm) of Female/Reverse Bowl Pieces which fit any concentrate Rig to convert it for dry purposes. Alternatively we carry two sizes of male/reverse Quartz Bangers, two sizes of male/reverse Ceramic Domeless Nails and a Universal Ceramic Domeless Nail which fit most dry water pipes to convert them for dab purposes. So if you're not interested in buying an extra intermediary piece (Adapters) but still want to be able to alternate between smoking uses, nontraditional Bowls and Nails will probably work best for you.

If you have any questions regarding this How-To post or would like to see something included, please don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.