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Four Helpful Uses For Adapters

Four Helpful Uses For Adapters

Posted by GLASSICS on Oct 4th 2020

If you've seen Adapters referenced throughout this site and are unsure what they do or why people would need them, you're not alone. At first, they might not seem particularly useful, but if you ever consider using a dry water pipe for concentrate purposes or you just found out that your new 14mm Bowl Piece doesn't fit your 18mm Bong, you'll soon discover what makes them so important.

#1 Convert Between "Dry" & "Dab"

The six Adapters in our store are all intended for straight (90°) conversions either between size or fitting gender (male/female).

So if want to convert a dry water pipe (female fitting) with a Bowl Piece to a Dab Rig (male fitting) with a Dome & Nail or Domeless Nail (as mentioned above), you'll want to use either a 14mm Male to 14mm Male Adapter or an 18mm Male to 18mm Male Adapter, in order to fit traditional/female nails.

Inversely if you wanted to convert a water pipe from concentrate to dry use, you'll want to take advantage of either our 14mm Female to 14mm Female Adapters or 18mm Female to 18mm Female Adapters.

#2 Convert Between 14mm & 18mm

Male and female conversion is not the only purpose for using Adapters. In the other scenario mentioned above we explained that they also come in handy when trying to use an 18mm Bowl Piece on a 14mm Bubbler or a 14mm Dome & Nail on an 18mm Dab Rig, for example. So if you have the right fitting gender, but they're not the same diameter (either 14mm and 18mm), these Adapters are the ones you should look out for.

#3 Act As A Protective Heat Barrier

When using Concentrate Nails (especially Domeless Nails which hold a lot of heat) it is sometimes important to separate them as much as possible from a Rig in order to prevent any potential damage to the rig itself. Torches and other heating methods can sometimes be excessive and may cause heat to travel to the neck of a water pipe, creating a heat differential and risking fractures. Adapters act to dissipate incoming heat from the Concentrate Nail and can ensure your Dab Rig doesn't risk cracking.

#4 Height Adjustment

Lastly, Adapters can be used to adjust the height of Nails and Bowl Pieces which sometimes need to raised or lowered for better visibility depending on the design of a water pipe. If you need a to elevate a Bowl or Nail, use an Adapter to create some extra height. Inversely, if you need to lower the Bowl or Nail, Drop Down Adapters can be employed.

f you still have questions about Adapters and how they work, please let us know at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.