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This 3.5" Showerhead Perc Downstem can be used to replace any downstem on any bong that we carry and fits all 14mm bowl pieces as well. The cross-cut design of the showerhead perc forces bubbles to break apart as smoke is pulled through the downstem. When compared to our other styles, the showerhead design offers less area for smoke to pass through which creates more pull and more turbulent diffusion for incredibly smooth hits.

Note: Our downstem lengths are measured from the bottom of the joint to the tip of the downstem. The full length of the glass piece will be between 1"-1.5" longer including the glass on glass joint.

This product is intended for tobacco and other legal herb use only.


Style Downstem

Downstem Length: 3.5"

Full Length w/ Joint: 4.5"

Diameter: 1"

Joint 14mm Female
Features Cross-Cut Showerhead Perc
Weight 0.06 lbs



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