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This 14mm Male Quartz Banger is designed to fit and convert all of our 14mm "dry", female water pipes into Dab Rigs. The banger design features a curved neck leading to a bucket with 4mm thick walls which allows for larger quantities of concentrates to be vaporized when compared to our traditional Domeless Nails. Unlike our standard Quartz Domeless Nails, the cup shape is not ideal to be paired with our Quartz Carb Caps but the bucket opening can be easily covered with something heat resistant in order to mimic the carb cap effect.

Quartz as a material is much more ideal than glass when used as a dab nail as it can withstand much more rapid heating and cooling and is comparable to ceramic in that regard. The main difference between the two is that quartz has more thermal conductivity, meaning that it will take less time to heat up but won't retain that heat for very long. Quartz also requires that you heat the nail evenly in order to prevent cracks or fractures but is not as prone to do so as ceramic is. 

This product is intended for tobacco and other legal herb use only.


Style Quartz Banger

Height: 2.5"

Length: 2"

Width: 1"

Joint 14mm 90° Male
Weight 0.02 lbs



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